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Asagi Hatchery at the Farm Fair! Mahalo to all who visited us last weekend!

What else: For the backyard flock and small farm, we have poultry raising equipment: table top incubators, thermometers, candlers, waters, feeders, nesting boxes, and hen coops. Plus starter and all feeds including vegetarian and organic. A variety of books on raising poultry, building animal shelters, and homesteading. A selection of vegetable and herb organic seeds and organic heirloom seeds from Seed Savers Exchange and Fukuda Seeds. Plus Omega-3 Pasture Poultry Seed, and local fruit trees for sale and ready to plant: lychee, cocoa, calamansi, avocado, cinnamon, mountain apple, paper mulberry, and lots more!

about us
Asagi Hatchery Inc. is a family-run business, one of the first and currently the only commercial chicken hatchery in the State of Hawaii. We’ve been in the locally-grown chicken and egg business since 1935. This website was created to let people know what we do, why we do what we do, and to share information supporting locally-grown food practices. Mahalo for visiting us!